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This game was made to be submitted to the Unexpected Game Jam.  It is currently not completely optimized, and the textures are very high quality. You may experience some lag while playing through it. We hope you enjoy it despite the lag! Thank you for your understanding!!


A college student going for their Journalism Major. For her final, she  decided to do an investigative piece on a chain of disappearances related to a nearby town. All of her interviews lead to a nearby plantation manor. Nobody is able to answer who owns the house, or why everyone avoids it, so she decides to go on her own to solve the mystery. 

Driving up, in the middle of a storm, she finds the gates to the manor wide open. She drives up the muddy path, parking right in front of the door. Looking up, she thinks she sees some sort of light on in the attic, but after a double-take sees only darkness.

She breaks into the house through the front door, the rotting wood nailed across, barring the front falling apart as she jiggles it. The door opens without any trouble.

Walking into the foyer, she looks around and notices that the room is spotless, as if it has been kept up by someone this entire time. Thunder bellows as the door slams shut behind, locking loudly, and all the lights turn on at once. Unable to escape, she walks forward into the unknown.


AdriftManor.zip 584 MB


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I really liked the design and implementation of a PT style. It looks great, but sadly felt like it didn't wrap up very well, would love to see a full game of this type with a conclusion.

Need optimization

Hey TwoIslandGames, 

The game was cool. I like the look and feel of it. I did run into a hiccup when going through a door the game went to a blank/black screen, and had to restart the game. The creepy feel was very subtle, but enjoyed it. Cool stuff!


This is a decent little game. I enjoyed it alot. Reminded me of Layers of Fear. Good Job!